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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Day 39: Oh you in Indiana, huh?

We've hit our 9th state! Can you believe it! We've already gone through Chicago (Chi-city, Chi-town, The Windy City) and now we're in Plymouth, Indiana! Before we hopped on our bikes, we we're treated to a delicious breakfast by Pastor Trudy and Tony from the Prince of Peace Lutheren Church in Woodridge, IL. Tony is a church member and avid cyclist, and both we're extremely excited to hear all of our adventures and stories from the road. After our meal, Pastor Trudy also reminded us of the story of the Good Samaritan, gave us communion, and blessed us with oil before we started out on the day's trek towards Indiana.

We ran into more extremely rough roads, more flat tires, and I'm almost positive that the drivers of Indiana love us so much that they just want to get as close as they possibly can! They've also told us that we're "Number 1" in their lives (aka the middle finger) on many occasions. So yea, we love Indiana so far as you can tell....Oh we also are now on the Eastern Time Zone so we lost an hour! That means we need to get our sleep on right now!

We love and miss all of you back home! Your thoughts and prayers have truly encouraged us throughout this trip. We recognize that we could not do this alone, and we just want to thank all of you for stickin' with us! Goodnight!

Christian and Matt in Indiana

8th State with Ryan



N8s Pop said...

We are all thankful for the thoughtfulness and compassion of the Pastor Trudy and Tony. Your Connect for the Cure Team is blessed:)


chris said...

Maybe all the drivers are preparing for the Indy 500...(okay maybe not) Well stay safe on the road and keep on pedaling gentlemen!!!