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Monday, July 19, 2010

Day 42: Oh, Hi…oh.

Today marked the beginning of our most consecutive 100 mile days before our final stretch to New York City. Our goal is to hit Washington, D.C this Friday the 23rd, so we are gonna be busting our butts (and Nate's driving foot) across West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Maryland to keep on schedule! Pray for a tailwind and pray so that other drivers can see Nate's blinker as he tries to merge into an open lane.

We started out from Columbus and we slowly, but surely made our way to New Philadelphia, Ohio! Again, whoever said the Midwest is flat was obviously driving in a car along the interstate. We rode up some epic climbs today all throughout Eastern Ohio. It was extremely beautiful scenery, wide open spaces, 10%-12% grade climbs complete with Amish horse and buggies cruisin' around. The midwest has a lot of similar traits in the majority of its states (i.e. corn, farmland, cows, horses, barns, etc.), however, each one possesses it's own individual beauty and qualities that separate one another from it's neighbor. It was a tough day physically, but God has presented His handiwork in everything that we see around us. On a side note, the midwest also has crazy dogs that try to chase after us and kill us (See short clip).

We will strive to press on through these last final days, but we can also remain in awe of the creation that we see everyday, the once in a lifetime opportunity that has been presented to us, the support from family, loved ones, and even strangers.

P.S. We found our missing link in our license plate hunt! We had been looking all over the motor home for weeks and had finally come to the conclusion that we must have thrown out our Nevada license plate, but much to our surprise……IT WAS UNDER THE SINK!! Gagné found it and was dubbed as best license plate finder ever.


kasdomen said...

miss you guys. will be praying for the next few states. it's ALMOST over, can you believe it?


N8s Pop said...

Glad the Team is still enjoying the scenery! You all are still in everyones prayers!! Blessing:)

chris said...

Hope you didn't get passed by any horse and buggy!
Killer dogs does not sound fun at all...can't wait to see the clip of it :-)

Praying for a tailwind!!!!

Keep Pedaling!!!