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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Day 42: Rest Day in Columbus!

We can't believe it, we are only about 10 days away from NYC!!! This trip has been long, but it sure has flown by. Anyway...let's focus on our day in Columbus, OH. Last night my (Matt's) Japanese friend Yuta who lives in Indiana drove over three hours yesterday to share dinner and to hang out with us for the first part of the day. Thanks Yuta for spending time with us and for buying us dinner. Anyway...after dinner last night we came back to our hotel room at The Westin where we stayed up pretty late. Because of that we slept in til 10AM. Yuta swung by the hotel to pick us up for a late breakfast/lunch/brunch (whatever you want to call it). Driving through town we saw a convention center which had a food court, so we decided to eat there. Even though it was Sunday we had trouble finding a parking spot. There weren't very many people in town, and there was a lot of parking, but most of it was RESTRICTED/PERMIT ONLY, so we ended up walking a few blocks (oh well, we need the exercise - NOT!). After lunch, Christian, Nate, and Ryan went to CVS while I (Matt) ran a few errands with Yuta. When I (Matt) came back to the hotel, we all said our goodbyes to Yuta - he has something called a job that he has to attend to tomorrow and he needed to make his 3+ hour drive back to Indiana. For a good part of the day we hung out in the hotel room to rest (one of the few rest days where we actually rested - which is good). A huge storm came in where the rain was literally blowing side ways (I'm from California...not really used to stuff like that). We later went out to dinner at this little burger joint called the Thurman Cafe (Nate claims that the Thurman-ator was the BEST burger he has ever tasted. "It was indescribably amazing" - Nate). While we were waiting (there was an hour and a half wait on a Sunday - popular little place), another thunderstorm rolled in. It was pouring like crazy. Back to the's the breakdown - The Scene: bun, mayo, lettuce, tomato, pickle, hot pepper, 12 oz burger, bacon, cheddar, another 12 oz burger, sauteed onion, ham, american and provolone cheese, top bun and served with fries. Don't worry folks, Christian shared with Nate. The Thurman-ator was actually on Man V. Food which is this Travel Channel show where Adam Richman (a food enthusiast) travels the country in search of eating challenges. The Thurman-ator was one of his challenges which brought us to the Thurman Cafe in the first place being that it was located in Columbus, Ohio. Awesome place. We made our way back to the hotel, and here we are...oh, by the way, more storms tomorrow...thanks for your prayers. Goodnight!


Chris said...

That burger sounds Amazing!!!

Excited to see you guys next week!!!

Keep Pedaling and be safe!

Anonymous said...

the burger was beautiful!!! saw it on Man vs. food, glad you were able to stop there. Keep up the good work. NYC or Bust!