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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Day 45: We climbed 7,619 vertical feet....Yikes.

Today's ride was most definitely our number one hardest day. We have had tough days (the Arrowhead pass, the winds of AZ), but nothing can compete with today's climb of the Appalachian Mountains. Oh yeah, we made it to our 11th state.....Maryland! We thought it was never going to end. When we came to our lunch stop for the day, we were spent (the first half of our day was only 30 miles...and we had 30 more to go). We rested our legs and ate delicious peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Gagné started cracking up, "I don't want to ride any more." Neither did the rest of us, but we slowly made our way back on the bikes. The second half was worse than the first. Nate also claimed today as being the most difficult driving day as it was extremely stressful. It's just been an exhausting day for the whole crew and we're looking forward to resting, eating, sleeping, and gearing up for....NEW YORK!!! Woo woo!


Uncle David said...

Well are so so close!

Nice stache Matt...and the neon green trunks are a real fashion statement!

Enjoy your time in DC...what a great place to be!

Ride safe guys...the end is so in sight and EVERYONE has you in their prayers!

N8s Pop said...

Soon it will all be downhill, so finish well, stay as sharp and as keen as you've always been! He will give you wisdom and strength, so finish well:)

Kellie said...

jeeze! 7,619 vertical feet. so proud of you boys though! keep going. you are literally almost there! !!!!! ahhh. :]

chris said...

Thats the same as riding from colorado springs straight up to the top of Pikes Peak!!! You guys are Rockstars!!! that is amazing!!! way to go!!!

See you in NY!!!

Keep Pedaling!