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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Day 48- Rest Day in D.C!

District of Columbia – Our day in the Capitol.

We had a great day of seeing the beautiful sites of our nation’s capital. Thank you to Gail for letting us use her car to drive into the city, so we wouldn’t have to take our support car/RV. We walked a ton, but it was well worth it. We started with a short walk to Union Station. The place was incredible; it felt like a mall. We ended up seeing the famous Capitol Building. After that we went to two Smithsonians; that’s right, two, count ‘em people. There are actually 14 Smithsonian buildings in what they call “The National Mall.” The weather here is unbelievably hot and humid. With a short stint of down pouring rain which he had to run in for 7.5 mins. It was great to see the monuments of our nations capitol and crazy how we made it all the way here on our bikes. The highlights of today were The Washington Monument, The Vietnam Wall, and The Korean War Monument (where both Matt and Nates grandpas served) Enjoy the pictures we took today in the beautiful District of Columbia.


Michelle R. said...

Looks like you had a good day! Glad you were able to rest after such a gruesome couple of days. Can't believe we will be seeing you in New York in 2 days!!!! Yay!

Aleta said...

Doesn't it make you all Proud to be an American? Hey and we are all Proud of you four BOYS!!!