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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Day 31: Whoever said the Midwest was a liar.

We made it to Iowa!!! Our sixth state covered in our epic journey! We started out this morning in Omaha on what we expected to be a fairly flat ride...Little did we know, we ended up smack dab in the middle of a giant set of never-ending rolling hills. I'm talkin' about the kind that makes your crankset squeek. The kind that makes your shin-splints ache. The kind that make your support car driver wonder how the rest of his team is doing....that kind.

Just kidding. It wasn't all that bad, it just was not what we had expected the Midwest to look like. Be that as it may, we continued our day in Atlantic, IA home of the CJ's "Cy Hawk" award winning burger and chili! It was hands down the best burger that Nate has ever had (excluding the DAM burger in Page, AZ). And believe Nate, He knows a thing or two about burgers! He worked at In-N-Out for over 2 years! That's right...that long.

To top off our day, we have just been relaxing at the A-Ford-O Motel. Our room was donated to us by a very kind and generous lady named Rita Ford. Thanks Rita! Oh yea, and also thanks for helping us with a spare key when we locked ourselves out (and by we, I mean Matt).

Stay tuned for our photo of the Iowa state sign as we did not see it entering the state today.


N8s Pop said...

Nate, don't forget the CheeBurger-CheeBurger you ate in Tennessee. It was a monster! Enjoy Iowa!!

Be Blessed.

Connect for the CURE said...

i know. thats on the top 5 along with in n out but this hamburger wasnt about the quantity. it was made to perfection with every good taste imaginable. after this bad boy of a burger id have to go with the quality over quantity here. when we visit iowa as a family ill drive us all here so you may experience for yourself. love ya pops.

Connect for the CURE said...
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chris said...

Great to hear you made it to another state guys.
Love the name of that hotel!!!

Keep Pedaling!

AZ Aunt Michele said...

You guys are doing great! Thanks for sharing your adventures with us. Praying for you. Keep moving on... NY is getting closer!

Michelle R. said...

Sorry my comments have been sparse lately! Glad you guys are doing good and still trekking right along:)

So it was just the best burger Nate ever had, not everyone else too? Lol anyways, praying for you! Keep it up, we are proud of you guys!

Tyler K said...

Good Job Matt Keep up the good work boys!!!!!!!!!!!!