Connect for the CURE

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


As promised, here is our Chicago Rest Day video. Ryan, Nathan, Christian, and Matt would like to give The Granitz Family a huge (as huge as the Willis Tower, formerly Sears Tower) thank you for taking the time and energy to show us around the city. If it weren't for you four we would not have had nearly the same Chicago experience as if we went ourselves. You made us feel like instant family and gave us all a day we will never forget and we owe it to you Granitz Family. God has much in store for you all as you love on others without seeking anything in return. Love you guys.


chris said...

Great Video...Looks like you all had a blast there.

Crazy little kids running around in the water, I am surprised none of you didn't join in ;-)

N8s Pop said...

Video was worth the wait, thanks:)