Connect for the CURE

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Day 40: Rain and some great Hoosiers

Today Team Connect for the CURE was greeted by some rain, but at the best possible time. Christian had broken a spoke on his back wheel so we had to pull over and check it out. After the inspection of the rim, we could see a giant storm comin' directly at us and fast! So we walked over to a Church of Latter Day Saints that happened to be on the corner and took shelter before the storm even started. Nate then picked us up to get the rear wheel to a nearby bike shop called Summit City Bicycles where Mason hooked us up with the repairs and some much needed supplies. After the shop, we made a pit stop at Red Robin where the manager Juan completely comped our meal and even gave us a gift card to use at another location when we get hungry again! As we were talking with Juan about the adventures that we've had so far, a family sitting across from us overheard what we were doing and wanted to help out! Thanks Feldman family for the support, we truly appreciate it!

We would like to thank everyone who has been able to help us out financially, spirituality, etc. We know that right now is very difficult time for some people, families, businesses and we would just like to say Thank you all again for being a part of Connect for the CURE!


N8s Pop said...

Double cameras ... the Team is totally going Hollywood ... for sure

Sue said...

Nate - While you were filming....Who was DRIVING????? Love you all,,,,,MOM

chris said...

I love hearing all the stories of average people helping you guys out and really blessing you in different ways! Reading the blog and hearing of the great people you meet across the way is one of my favorite things to do each day. Praying for more "random" encounters with great people!!!

Keep Pedaling!!!

Michelle R. said...

It is so wonderful to hear how God has provided for you guys all along the way. Glad he is taking care of you all! New York is coming up so quickly, can't believe it!

Keep it up! Praying for you guys!

Lance C said...

You guys Rock!!! It is awesome to see the drive, determination and perseverance that God has instilled in each of you and we will continue to pray for you and the rest of your incredible journey! You guys are an inspiration!