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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Day 29: Independence Day

Day 29: Independence Day

Today was an extremely difficult day! We rode about 70 miles….all of them being in the rain. Our crew started out in the city of Sutton, NE which consists of a Subway…and that's about it. We greeted the rainy day with a Connect for the CURE rendition of Francis Scott Keys' "The Star-Spangled Banner!" (See video below) After being pumped up on Freedom, we headed on our way deep into the heartland of America and arriving at our destination of Lincoln, NE which is the state's capitol.

We were fortunate enough to find a place to stay here with some of Nate's family connections! They made us a delicious smorgasbord of sweet corn, potato salad, pork & beans, and BBQ spare ribs! Yum…I know believe me. I'm stuffed. After dinner, we were treated to a block-party-fireworks-bonanza by the locals! (See video) It was a great way to wind down the evening. Goodnight to all of you who are following us, but we gots to watch the Tour de France before we hit the hay! You think we would be sick of cycling by now!

We miss you and love you….and HAPPY 4TH!!!


papa said...

Guys, so glad that you were able to connect with Becki & George, who are great cooks, que no? I can't wait to see you in Ames, Iowa....once I leave Azusa on Tuesday and fly to the Heartland. Blessings, guys. Everyone missed you today, Nate. Uncle Marty

N8s Pop said...

The Lords Day, and Independence Day, and 4 American Missionaries representing all that is good in the USA! I am glad you got blessed in Lincoln NE. Be Blessed:)

Kellie said...

3 things:

1. Have you guys tried taking a career in music? I think you'd be outstanding.... ?

2. Incredible firework show!

3. I'm really proud of all you guys! Each and every day. I can't believe you cycled (and drove) through rain! Praying for your health!

Aleta Pesce said...

Nathan we missed you on the 4th at your house! :O(
But we are so proud of you boys!!
Love you Nathan and we are praying for you guys everyday. hey if you see an old abandoned barn or farmhouse click a pic for me - thanks,
Aunt Aleta