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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Day 35: Day after trim.

Day 35: We began our morning with a little 60 mile ride from Iowa City to the town of Davenport, IA. Though it was only 60 miles total, it was the first time this trip that we had completed the full mileage in one shot! It was pretty difficult, but we made sure to fill our jersey pockets with gels, bars and as much water as we could carry! The plan worked out great because it allowed Nate to have some free time and for us to focus on getting to the Best Western as quickly as possible....and I mean quick! We were flying, averaging 19.1 mph with cross-winds and various small climbs.

Tomorrow we look forward to crossing the Mississippi River as we move into our 7th state of Illinois!!!

Now to describe the pictures below:

1) Here is Nate after cleaning up his beard. Looking like he was made for the summer and the open road! Great look Nate!

2) Here is Monsieur Gagné with a fantastic looking curly mustache! With most of the beard can actually see his neck! Way to go Gags!!!

3) In our efforts to find license plates from all of the states along our route, we have given up on scouring the roads in search for those missing instead....WE JUST STARTED ASKING PEOPLE FOR THEIR PLATES!!!

So thank you to Dylan Martinez for donating his Iowa plate to us! Thanks Dylan!


N8s Pop said...

60 miles in a row, in one shot, wow! Stay strong men and I like the photos of the bearded/Biblical looking men. ( Wise men or wise guys?)

Kellie said...

man... 60 miles in one shot! Great job boys! Continually praying.

Nate: shave the beard!!!