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Friday, July 16, 2010

Day 41: Ride with us

Hey ya'll. Today we started early, waking up at 7am in our room at the Hampton Inn in Ft. Wayne, Indiana. We had our continental breakfast, got ready and headed out for today's trek. We met up with a Type 1 diabetic and avid cyclist, David Berkimer (The first Diabetic to ride with us!), and his dad Tom (Bob) Berkimer. Tom followed Nate to our destination so that David could get a ride back. We first met David in Nebraska when we were eating dinner at the Whiskey Creek Wood Fire Grill. When we were about to leave the restaurant, Ryan couldn't help but notice that David was wearing an insulin pump while he was eating with his family. We introduced ourselves and told him what we were doing. He was very interested, and we found out that he had done many fundraiser rides with the Juvenile Diabetes Relief Foundation (aka the JDRF). He kept in contact with us for about a week and then he decided to ride with us...awesome!

Our ride was very enjoyable's great to have more company on the road. David joined us from Ft. Wayne, Indiana to Lima, Ohio. Nate wasn't left alone either. He was able to hang out with Bob which was awesome too. We stopped at another park to have lunch (Nate does a great job with our lunches...thanks Nate) and then hit the road some more. After our ride, we took a few more photos with David and Bob and we said our goodbyes. We want to thank David and Bob for donating and for spending the day with us. We then headed to a college campus where we filmed another video. Nate is now be prepared for another great one in tomorrow's blog...this next one is going to be funny.

Oh yeah, we made it to our ninth state!. (we be cruisin')


Sue said...

1 1/2 weeks more. You are all awesome. I am so proud of you. You are an encouragement to everyone that hears about what you are doing. God bless you guys and I can't wait for your blog. Nate, you are so talented. Love you Matt! We will be there with Jan in New York..... Mom

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the ride, I hope for that cure soon.