Connect for the CURE

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Day 33: Iowaaaaaaaaa

Check this out! Enjoy Connect for the CURE fans!


Aleta Pesce said...

Nathan...Wish I was there!!! Family and Steak! All you guys are so loved by so many people. When you blogged that somehow you missed the thunderstorms - that was JESUS!
We can't stop praying for you four!
Love you Nate, Aunt Aleta

N8s Pop said...

Very cool Video blog!! Rock music, hairy bikers, no hands, and the open road. WOW!

Connect for the Cure = Living My Dream = Helping those w/ Diabetes:)

Thanks Guys!


chris said...

Great vid guys... Loved all the "tricks" - No hands, Nate the toss-into-pocket, Christians ninja turn with water bottle toss and Matt...Matt the No-Looker!!! Awesome Guys!!!

Keep Pedaling

Sue said...

God bless you all. Love you boys and can't wait to see you in NYC!!!!!! You are all amazing - love you, mom

kasdomen said...



Uncle David said...

More great videos guys...still looks just like a long fun vacation for you all. Where's the sweat and angony?

Think of you daily and so proud you are selfishlessly doing this for diabetes.

Safe riding!

Uncle Alfie

Kellie said...

cool video guys!

good thing matt doesn't need to know how to catch water bottles to bike across america. ;]