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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Day 32: Hometown Iowa

Day 32: Matt's writing this one. You know what to expect.

Today was a great day of riding for the CURE. Weather conditions couldn't have been better. We woke up at the lovely A-ford-O Motel around 8AM and quickly got ready. We then found ourselves back on the road again looking forward to more thunderstorms. It wasn't long before we ran into more GPS problems (the GPS had taken us to a dirt road). With a quick fix of the GPS we were on our way again. We had the privilege to view more of the Iowa countryside (more corn - more hills - with the occasional herd of cow). About a half an hour into our ride we looked up at some pretty dark clouds. Thinking it was going to pour anytime we booked it. We couldn't believe it, we missed the scattered T-storms. Today we arrived at Des Moines, Iowa to meet up with Nate's family. So back to the weather…it was overcast, making it much cooler than if the sun was out. It didn't rain, however, it was humid (but in Iowa, you can't beat the humidity). We arrived at Nate's cousin Dylan's house where we caught up with the Tour de France, Stage Four. The Martinez Family later treated us to a tasty steak dinner at an old town gem, The Open Flame (where we met more of the Martinez family). We got to pick out our steaks and cook them ourselves on the "open flame." We are now home just chillin and watchin t.v. It's chill time. Good night everyone!

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N8s Pop said...

Mmmmmmm! Great job Iowa clan!! Enjoy your rest guys:)