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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Day 10: "Elmer"

(HD version coming soon to a computer near you.)

Day 10: As we were able to rest our legs on our rest day we spent the day hanging near the city of Page, AZ. As we were hanging out the night before at our RV park, an accomplished triathlete and optometrist by the name of Vic Copeland stopped by our campsite. Vic holds a number of records in the cycling realm. He sat down and shared with us some of his stories and advice on what to do in certain situations. The next day we visited Glen Canyon Dam where we went swimming in the nearby river, and for the evening we were able to catch the Laker v. Celtics basketball game. Back to work tomorrow. Thank you all for following, and thanks for the prayers and support.


chris said...

Way to be Elmer!!!
video was hilarious!!!

Glad you guys had a rest day, Keep on Pedaling!!!

kellie said...

Nate or should I say, Elmer! Looks like it FINALLY loaded. Great video guys. That's really cool that you met the triathlete. I want to meet some marathoners like that..

Get to Colorado already! You're almost there. :]

oh, and Go Lakers ;]

Michelle Rosenhahn said...

I'm so proud of you guys! Thank you so much for the blog updates, it is great to hear about your adventures each day :) Anyways Ryan--cant wait to see you in CO Springs! Matt, Christian, and Nate: looking forward to meeting you! Keep pressing on and inspiring us all!

Mason said...

Awesome job guys! Well needed rest day! Anyways, I am having trouble getting on to your website, but when are the exact days you all are riding through the springs?

Mason said...

oh...and go Boston!

N8s Pop said...

Cool vid guys! Loved the Rocky theme, (Yo Adrian!) The pics from yesterday were unreal, WOW! Way to go Mijo! Blessings to you all:)