Connect for the CURE

Friday, June 25, 2010


Day: 20

Last night was a late night for the two cuddlers. They stayed up watching a movie and didn't get to bed until four or five in the morning! Oh!!! Last night we saw Black Bears near Laura's home; there was a mom and two cubs. Three of us haven't seen bears in the was an amazing sight. Moving on...We all got up pretty early to catch the Brazil/Portugal game (which was pretty boring - it was a draw) at the Kurica's. Ryan had to go run a few errands, so the three of us (Christian, Matt, and Nate) just relaxed and waited 'til the Spain/Chile game (which was more exciting). After he ran his errands, Ryan came and got the three of us. We went to Ryan's place to help set up for the open-house. After the set up, the four of us headed out for lunch. We had Chick-fil-A, a first for both Christian and Nate (there have been many firsts for all of us on this trip). When we got back to the house we watched Mr. Rosenhahn (Tom) make home-made root-beer which was pretty cool. Shortly after, our guests began to trickle in. Having about 40 or 50 guests, we were able to chat with them over tacos and drinks. We then presented to everyone the progress we have made on our trip and we presented our mission and goals. Afterwards we had question and answer time which was cool; it gave us a bigger connection with some of our supporters. We then showed some of our blog videos (we probably watch them more than anyone else). It was great to meet everyone and it's awesome to see how many supporters and followers we have in the Springs. Thanks everyone for coming out and we hope to see you at the pig roast and raffle tomorrow!

picture of Mr. Rosenhahn's famous home made root beer brewing.


chris said...

It looks like that cooler is going to explode...but got to love that homemade root beer!!!

Andre said...

Did Nate put a "Works Bomb" in there?