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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Day 14: Colorado Family Day

Day 14: Today was a great rest day for the CURE. We all got to sleep in and catch the end of the Ghana-Australia game; it was a draw (Ghana should have won). We got ready and made our way to a river with Ryan’s family, his girlfriend and Mrs. Kurica where we ate Bojo’s famous pizza, and watched the kayakers and river rafters make their way down the river. We then made our way to Main Street. There was an awesome car show where we got to see many classics. Early on in the trip, Ryan was having problems with his left foot (it was going numb). Now both feet are constantly numb. We went to a bike shop on Main Street to ask what should be done. The lady in the bike shop was very concerned about Ryan having long-term damage (please pray for that) to his feet and other more serious future complications. We are analyzing the situation from every angle and it looks like he will have to buy a new bike that fits him. His bike is way too small, and it’s very difficult to find a bike that fits him at 6’4”. We then grabbed a quick dinner with his family (a special thanks to the Kurica and Rosenhahn families for the meals this weekend – we finally met our calorie needs for the first time since Vegas). After dinner we drove to John Etz’ place in deer country, CO (we saw a deer!). Thanks to John for his hospitality and Jacuzzi. While in the Jacuzzi we talked about not having any female contact (Ryan is the lucky one, seeing his girlfriend). Prayers are definitely powerful and have been evident in our ride so far and ask for continual prayers and support.

Happy Father’s Day to Papa Rosenhahn, Papa Gagne, Papa Martinez , and Papa Kaiser, and to all you Papa bloggers out there.


allthingsnew said...

That's a great pic of everyone. Ryan, why is there dirt all over your face? And why is Dad pretending to be a bear? We love you guys and we're praying for you all. We're packing up right now... we'll see you soon!

chris said...

sounds like you all had a great rest day. Ryan take care of yourself out there...we will see you in the springs and let us know if there is anything we can do to help with the bike situation.

keep pedaling!

kellie said...

Man.. first new tires, now a new bike? Ryan, don't be discouraged, it'll all work out. God has got you, He has a plan and i KNOW you know that. Continue relying and trusting in HIM. I'm definitely praying and so is my family (who are now, not to mention, Connect for the CURE supporters).

Love and prayers.

Ginny Guerry said...

Keep us updated on your feet Ryan. I am so impressed with this once in a lifetime adventure. Love the blog, videos and pictures - keep 'em coming. Love you