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Friday, June 11, 2010

Day 5: It felt awesome to finally sleep in. We got a call from my Uncle David(Alfie) telling us that we had an interview with Fox News Channel Five at 12:30PM. We got dressed and ready to go and met up with Tracy, the Las Vegas ADA rep and also with the reporter from Fox News. After interviewing for Fox, we hopped on our bikes and rode down Las Vegas Blvd. with Nate following us. It was awesome. We felt like an attraction of our own amongst all the sights on the strip. After getting past downtown we got in the motor-home and drove back to the "Welcome to Las Vegas" sign to take pictures. After that, my uncle took me to the emergency room to make sure my wounds weren't infected. Two and half hours later, I finally met up with the rest of the guys to see Lance Burton at the Monte Carlo (Uncle Alfie donated tickets). We had a great time and enjoyed the rest of the night in Vegas.

Grandview Cribbs


kellie said...

LOVE IT! You guys are hilarious!! Glad you're enjoying your time in Vegas :]

Uncle David said...

Great "cribs" infomercial guys! Back to the real world more his n' hers sinks, sunken bath tubs and toilets!

Laura said...

I'm SO glad you guys got to finally sleep in. Must have felt wonderful!!! :) One more night, enjoy it as you begin tomorrow and PLEASE be safe!!!!

Dorene said...

You guys are too funny. I can't wait to log into your blog to see where you guys are and what has happened in your day. May the Lord continue to watch over each of you daily. May he continue to give you HIS strength and wisdom. Be safe and God be with you. Special shout out to Nate. Miss you son.