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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Day 25: Farmland Nebraska

Day 25:
We started off the day with our earliest start of the trip as we woke up at 6am and were on the road by 7:45am. Getting the early start ended up working out better than planned, as we lost yet another hour coming into Nebraska. It has been an amazing trip thus far and seeing God work through the people we have come across on our journey. Yesterday we were able to have a RV park donated to us through Hitch 'N Post Campgrounds. Today Christian got us a sweet hookup (see video attached) in Culbert, NE. A special thank you to Hitch N Post campgrounds and Ted Rippen for so kindly making us feel at home. side-note: Gagne came up on his first flat (tire) since California. Anywho, we're all super stoked to get into Nebraska as we end the month. Also, just right now as Nate was taking pictures of the countryside he almost got eaten alive by a snake! (just kidding about the eaten alive part)...not kidding about the bitten by a snake part. This is just day 1 of Nebraska. any more adventures and stories to come...stay tuned folks.

4 comments: said...

I am a friend of your dad and he told me what ou were up too and I said I would donate a little change as well as wishing you and your mates,safety,fun,blessings,and am proud of what you men are doing.

God Bless you and your mates my hat goes off to you all and I will be on my bike soon.
Christopher Koval

Anonymous said...

You guys have done an amazing job so far. May the Lord continue to be with you and give you strength and energy. May he keep you out of harm, and I thank the Lord the snake didn't bite you N8. Love the long beards. N8 thanks for the shout out. Love you men and praying for each of you. Love, N8's mom

N8s Pop said...

Great vid! It was great to get the close up shots of all you guys. Nebraska, "The Good Life." I wish I still knew people there, but I know you will find that they are very kind. Just say "Go Big Red" a lot:)
God Bless Y'all

Uncle David said...

Hard to believe it's been almost a month since you left Santa Monica Pier...great job guys.

Watch out for cow chips as you ride through the heartland.

After seeing your video I am selling my stock in Gillette!

Prayers and thoughts are with you four!