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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Day 22: A Day Through Matt's Eyes

Day 22:

7:15 am - woke up in my bed at the Kurica's
7:20 am - went upstairs
7:21 am - ate a bowl of Life while watching a couple of deer feed out in the front yard
7:33 am - walked downstairs
7:35 am - brushed my teeth while staring at Christian as he exited the bathroom
7:50 am - finished getting ready
8:01 am - ate a delicious breakfast(I ate twice) with the Kurica's(they made us eggs, bacon, and toast, yum)
8:20 am - hopped in the Kurica's Land Cruiser with Christian and Nate and headed for the Procycling parking lot
8:33 am - entered the Procycling parking lot
8:33 am - waited for Ryan to show up with the "support car"
8:34 am - Ryan showed up
8:57 am - got dressed and ready to go for the ride (quite a few people showed up to ride with us - awesome!)
9:14 am - met with our fellow riders and took a few pictures
9:28 am - said our final goodbyes to those we left in the Springs
9:41 am - started our ride (a little behind schedule)
9:46 am - a mile into the ride - first flat tire in CO (made the group wait)
9:52 am - fixed the problem and we were on our way again
10:10 am - about eight miles into the ride my rear hub was acting up
10:11 am - Larry stopped with me to try and fix the problem
10:13 am - didn't work
10:19 am - our "ride with us" people had to go (!dumb bike!!)
10:42 am - threw on the spare wheel and we were on our way again
10:43 am - really behind schedule - rode like the wind (during this time there was just a lot of riding...not a whole lot went on, so it jumps to 3:32)
3:32 pm - made it to Denver (Nate is a great driver...)
3:45 pm - made it to ABC 7 news station
3:51 pm - Ryan did a good job at the interview (YAY Ryan!)
4:02 pm - we rode a little to give the camera guy a few shots (footage of us riding)
4:13 pm - hopped in the "support car" and went to a local bike shop to get our bikes fixed
4:42 pm - went to the Toms (We want to thanks the Toms for opening up their home to us)
4:45 pm - took a shower in the steam shower room
5:00 pm - hung out with the crew by the t.v. to watch us on the channel 7, 5 0'clock news
5:41 pm - Nate and Christian talked on the phone with ladies
6:00 pm - many guests showed up including the Kuricas
6:15 pm - had a lovely dinner (pasta salad, cookies, chicken, appetizers, etc.)
9:30ish pm (I really don't know) - the guests left (had a wonderful time with them, sharing stories, touring the "support car")
9:25 pm - replaced another flat (don't know how that happened - mysterious) on my bike
9:45 pm - said bye to the remaining guest that were leaving
10:00 pm - went downstairs with Christian and Nate to relax (if there is any confusion we are still at the Toms) while Ryan was upstairs figuring out our new bike GPS!
10:12 pm - got ready for bed
11:37 pm - Good Night!

Thank You to all the riders that rode with us on our way to Denver. It was great having you there and truly appreciated to us.


chris said...

Sounds like a good day... Glad you all made it to Denver Safely...Matt whats the deal with all the flats?

Keep on Pedaling

Tobin said...

when/how did you guys get the bike gps??!!

Michelle R. said...

This is definitely a Matt blog, lol! It was fun meeting you guys and getting to know more about you and your trip beyond your blogs.

Ryan, always good to see you brother :) Can't wait to see you again in New York!

Hope you guys are having a great day on the road...and Matt no more flat tires!

kellie said...

hahah great blog! however, i'm confused as to what happened between 10:12pm and 11:37?!? You're leaving me hanging Kaiser!!