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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Day 7: Today we chose to stop in St. George, Utah instead of Caliente, Nevada. We rode the 15 freeway. to avoid the gorge ahead we jumped on the 91 (the old road) where the winds were so strong we couldn't ride past 12 mph and even slowed down on the downhill. While the guys were riding Nate called places in St. George to try to get a place to stay for the night. After 4 turn downs he called Green Gate Village Historic Bed & Breakfast. Thank You to Lindy Sandstrom for donating two rooms for the night. Goodnight to all following. Check out the video and feel free to comment.


Travis said...

Im so glad i got to meet/see you guys while you were in Vegas! Like i told you i have decided not to shave til you guys make it to NY!! Thanks for the buffet coupons! Have fun and be safe. Keep the videos coming, I love watching them. Let me know if you guys need anything. P.S. did you leave me one of the room keys so i can move into that hotel?

kasdomen said...

love and miss you guys- glad you went to be early and there wasn't too much shakin n bakin ;)

talk to you tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

You guys look exhausted. Good thing you went to bed early. Get that needed rest and may the Lord replenish you with extra energy while you sleep. God continue to bless and be with each of you. Loving the videos, keep them coming.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you're having an incredible trip. I'm so jealous. Enjoy all of it.

-- Leighton Cusack

kellie said...

So proud of you all! But i have to admit- i'm starting to really miss you all, especially the 5am breakfasts'.