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Friday, June 18, 2010

Day 12: Colorful Colorado

Day 12: Hardly any winds today, thank you for the prayers. We left Kayenta, Az. at 8:30am as we rode 118 miles through the desert and arrived in Cortez, Co. around 4:30pm. After a long day of riding we decided to catch the nail biting Lakers v. Celtics Game 7 at a local sports restaurant. We tried Colorado's famous Rocky Mountain Oysters (if you dont know what they are...Google it.) Three of us were able to celebrate the Laker victory (you can probably guess which three) and after drove back to the camp site to settle in for the night. Tomorrow we plan on meeting up with Ryan's family and girlfriend in Durango, Co. for our rest day.

Top: Rocky Mountain Oysters
Bottom: State #4: Colorado


MamaMuhly said...

You guys rock! Whether it is early in the a.m. or late at night before this ol' lady hits the pillow, checking in on you guys makes my day! I never know what to expect but isn't that the great part of this beautiful life we have each day! Your creativity is impressive and you have made me laugh and cry. Broadway is calling you guys! Your tenacity and passion is inspiring and it is truly an honor wearing my blue bracelet every day for you all, sharing your story and your commitment to a heart-breaking disease.

So glad you are in CO, enjoy ur time with an amazing family! Love from CA mom!

Will continue to pray for your strength and endurance, keep on! God Bless!

Mason said...

Loving the pictures! Those "Welcome to Colorful Colorado" signs are awesome! How were those oysters? :) I hope I can see you guys ride in COS. I don't get into town until the 26th...let me know if you guys need anything for your ride to Denver! Praying for you guys!

Michelle Rosenhahn said...

Yay for being in Colorado...and Rocky Mountain Oysters. They aren't so bad right? Until you start thinking about what exactly you are eating. Keep it up guys!!!

chris said...

Mmmm Love me some Rocky Mountain Oysters!!!

Great Vid...Can't wait to see you guys and welcome to CO!!!

Keep Pedaling

N8s Pop said...

Rocky Mountain Oysters, yum! In fact I helped the farmer/cook collect them and saw them on the supper table that night! Great Video and God Bless:)