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Sunday, June 6, 2010

How far are you riding?...NEW YORK?

We finally embarked on our Cross-Country journey!!!

It's been quite a process going from our early photo shoots
to where we are now.
I didn't have a bike. I wore running shoes. Matt wore t-shirts. Matt had reflectors on his bike. Ryan wore a mountain bike helmet. We ALL had hairy legs.

But now we were a team! A legit team! We have Nate our driver, matching uniforms, & family/friends/sponsors wishing us all the best as we begin our adventure!

Our event on the pier was great. The ride began with us dipping our tires in the Pacific Ocean.
We were on our way back to the pier, turned around for one last goodbye and commenced!

On our way, we ran into a fellow biker on a Sunday cruise. We were at a stop light and to break the awkward silence he asked, "Where you guys ridin' to?" Matt nonchalantly, "New York." The guy was confused and perplexed. So he repeated himself. Matt's reply once again..."New York."

Google Maps recently came out with their bicycle routes so we decided to use them for our trip. We took 84 turns which was "ridiculously good looking" (Dr. Greg Kaiser), and by "good looking" we mean terrible. We got lost in South Central. It was frightening. Nate found some squirrels in the motor home. Also frightening.

We look forward to the next leg of this trip. Thank you all for supporting us and coming to wish us luck! We really appreciate it and couldn't have made this dream possible without you!

Pre-Trip Starting Weight:
Ryan - 205
Matt - 181.2
Christian - 171.4
Nate - 167.8


Tira J said...

I am so proud of you guys!!!!!

Andre said...

I have a feeling Nate is gonna gain weight! :)-

Tobin said... should add in starting facial hair measurements, I bet you'll be rolling into NY with massive beards ha!

Margaret said...

Get to bed early!