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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Day 11: Edumacation with Dr. Kaiser

Day 11: The Windy Dessert

Page, AZ was great! We got to relax, really, for the first time this trip and we even got to watch the Laker game. We began our day early as we set out for Kayenta, AZ. Thinking we could beat the gusting winds if we started early enough we woke at 6 a.m. We were soon met by a common theme. HEAD WIND!!! This was day 4 in a row and a true test to our blog a few days ago. Today was the first time we had to ride in 40 mph + winds. In fact when Nate was stopped, a cycling enthusiast pulled up behind him. He said, “I just saw your mates(he was from Scotland) riding at a 45 degree angle!” There were a few times where we were almost thrown from our bikes. It was difficult on the body and we couldn’t easily change positions. We finally made it though and we were met by wild dogs. Apparently Kayenta has packs of wild dogs just roaming around the streets. Tonight we sleep in a Burger King parking lot with some fellow truckers. The wind is still shaking the motor home. Needless to say we are very much ready to get out of the desert and into Colorado.


Tobin said...

hahah no question about it- my favorite video yet. Thanks Dr. Kaiser

chris said...

That was a sweet blog!!!

Can't imagine riding in 40 mph winds...I don't even like 5 mph winds!!!

Praying for a tail wind for you guys!!!

Can't wait to see/meet you all in a week!!!

Keep Pedaling

Debbie said...

You guys really make my day. Thanks so much for blogging, for what you're doing and for how you're doing it. I love your spirit and your zest for life. Thanks for making me smile! Stay strong and I'll be prayings for those tailwinds. I spoke to my sister in Colorado and I know they are really looking forward to seeing you guys. In the meantime, GO LAKERS!!!!! (Game 7 tonight!) Sorry Ryan, but you've got to become a fan.

Ride On!

Anonymous said...

haha just like the pops huh matty? great one fellas!!! keep that "eye of the tiger"!!! (or should i say, keep the eye of ELMER!)

-Greg Neale

N8s Pop said...

Dear Dr. Kaiser, Excellent analysis of the cause and effects of the unique intricacies of the desert winds. From one meteorologist to another...well said! You must lecture to my classes somtime!! Tell ELMER and the guys I said HI.

Uncle David said...

Hysterical video Dr. Kaiser...glad you decided on a different career path other than teaching!

Glad most of you liked the Laker's now have 38 days to convert Ryan into a Lakers fan!

Great to see your progress guys...thoughts and prayers are with you four!