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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Look Ma, No Hands!

Day 24: A relatively uneventful day lead to the making of our video as we got into Wray, CO fairly early. Hey, sometimes no news is good news (means no day 2 crash). Tomorrow we are scheduled to get into Nebraska. Enjoy the video, as we love making these videos for y'all.


kasdomen said...

CONGRATS RYAN! Now you're a real rider ;)

Shane C said...

Hahaha Nate, that thumbs down facial expression is priceless!

Uncle David said...

Great video (again), great pics and great blogs. You guys are doing great...lost my BIG bet that Matt couldn't make it past Utah, guess i'll see you in New York! Great job proud of each of you (especially you Matt!)

Safe riding...WITH hands on the handlebars!

chris said...

That was so sketchy with no hands... Now you need to pedal with no hands...YEAH!!! ON TOP OF THE WORLD!!!!

Great video guys!!!

Keep Pedaling

kellie said...

This almost brought me to tears... i'm just so stinking proud of you Ryan. You've come so far!