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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Sweat, Tears.....and BLOOD.

Day 2: We started today bright and early 5:30 AM with Kaiser waking/shaking us up because we kept him up the night before. Have a feeling this might be a routine thing. Once we got suited up we headed over to “Team Mom” Kasaundra Domen and Kellie Muller’s apartment for one last delicious home cooked breakfast before we officially headed out of Azusa. Not only were the girls generous enough to prepare us breakfast but also helped organize the RV one last time. Not shortly after we started the day trouble struck in Rancho Cucamonga, when Ryan’s hub broke on his rear tire. We were blessed to have gotten stuck right near one of INCYCLE’s new locations, where they hooked us up with a brand new set of rims for a great price. We then hit the road again and ended up at the base of The Rim Of The World pass located near Lake Arrowhead and Crestline. Before we stared climbing we pondered life as a mountain and how a mountain is equally difficult yet rewarding and how you must take the good times with the bad. Gagne got a flat tire before we took off but the pit crew a.k.a the whole team was there to save the day. The climbing was extremely difficult but Nate was a boss (the man) providing us with the water and supplements every other stop we made while lifting weights. Once we got to the summit we saw recent chalk writings on the ground from the Tour of California cheering on Lance Armstrong that we stopped to take a photo of. That gave the team a boost to continue on before DISTRUCTION broke loose [see video on website]. After the end of Day 2 we’ve already experienced the sweat and tears ….and today we experienced the blood.

Also, please pray for Matt Kaiser’s family as they mourn the loss and celebrate the life of his grandma.

Special thanks to Victorville Cycles for fixing Matt's bike for free.

-Team Connect 4 The CURE


Andre said...

HANG IN THERE GUYS!!!The fact that you shed blood for your cause shows the importance of it! Proud of you guys!

Especially Nate for being there with you and not in Vegas already! ;)-

kas domen said...

Hey, you've already shed blood- you guys mean business!

So proud of you! Slower down the mtn next time? ;)

kellie said...

So proud of you guys! Yesterday was a rough day... praying for better days ahead. Do not be discouraged alright?

Also, DEFINITELY praying for the loss of Grandma Kaiser. I'm so sorry to hear about that. Praying for your family Matt!

Valerie said...

Oh gosh, Matt! That looks nasty!

Steve said...

matt, you're a tough guy! keep on

Margaret said...

You the men! So sorry for your loss, Matt.