Connect for the CURE

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Welcome to Connect for the CURE's first blog. Working hard or hardly working, We're working hard! Matt and I woke up at an hour we haven't seen in a while 5:30 am. Matt thought we left early enough, only to sit in LA traffic for 2 hours. Late for meeting.... while running to the pier Matt slammed his toe and broke it open on concrete cinder block. First injury of the trip, award goes to Matt. Made our way to the carousel building, which was creepy for anyone who's not a fan of clowns =Me. Met with Jim the pier historian and event planner, super nice guy. We were able to talk him down from $500 to $0, thanks to Christian's good looks. Avoiding the parking fee we left for home. 3 miles down the road we stopped because Matt's car was over-heating. Quick fix of the car and we were back on our way. We spent the rest of the day on Cougar walk (APU's social commonplace) making phone calls and sending emails for final preparations. Christian is currently nairing his legs and I plan the same tomorrow. Now the question is do you think Matt should nair his leg's (please leave comment)?


Anonymous said...

hahah shave em Matt

Anonymous said...

Ya he should shave them.