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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

"Historic" Route 66

Day 3:

The adventure continues…yesterday we battled broken bikes, mountain passes, and crashes. Today we rode through 112 degree heat on terrible roads (our bikes were taking a beating).

We woke up at 8 this morning and began our day. Megan and Josh Meissenburg (Tobin’s cousins) delivered breakfast burritos which lifted our spirits. We used Google Maps...again (worst application evah!) and got lost…again for the third straight day. We’ve quickly come to realize how that getting lost on a bike is not the same as getting lost in a car. You have to exert double the energy. At this rate we will have put in the mileage to travel from Santa Monica to New York…and back. Should’ve saved for a bike gps. Luckily we were helped by some locals who pointed us in the right direction and finally got us on our way towards Barstow, CA. God provided us with a much needed tailwind that helped us to average 19.1 mph for the remainder of the ride. We even got up to 30 mph for a couple miles without pedaling!!! The only problem is that it caused Rosie (Ryan) to get the “Speed Wobbles”, almost causing his first crash and the group’s second in 2 days.

Towards the latter half of our day, we were stopped because Route 66 became a Marine Base right near the outskirts of the city so we were forced to have to ride on the I40 freeway. Our FIRST freeway! It was great, Nate was able to protect us from zooming cars and we were still able to reconnect to Route 66…which is “Historic Route 66” for a reason. It looked as if no one had driven on it in years! Our bikes took some major wear and tear.

So we stopped just before the pass leading to Baker, hopped in the motor home, planned our new route on I15 for tomorrow and headed to Barstow to stay the night. We would like to thank Debbie at the Desert Springs RV Park for allowing us to set up camp for the night.

-Love, Team Connect 4 The CURE


chris said...

No fun getting lost...30mph is pretty darn fast!!!

Keep Pedaling!

kellie said...

Man.. Got lost again?! You're 3 for 3 right now guys. Note to self- next time you bike across America, bring bike gps, okay? hahah

So glad you boys are blogging! Look forward to them each day. Sending love and prayers.

Debbie said...

I love your positive outlook on this adventure. Hang in there and keep up the blogs. I'm wearing the blue bracelet for 51 days and every time I see it I'm reminded of what your doing and why. God's grace, wisdom, peace, and cycling legs be with you!

Uncle David said...

Hey guys...don't get lost coming to Vegas...just look for the neon buildings! Thanks for the great blogs, video and's great to follow you all on this journey. Ride safe!